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Sustainable Life

Discover with all of your sense what Jesus meant when He said "I am the Vine, you are the branches..." John 15:5a

from The VIne Speaks by Cindy Steinbeck

-This Tour Offers-

  • Visual examples of grafting and explanation of what it means to abide IN the Vine

  • See the branches of the vines, learn about the extensive root system, and understand the image of Christ as root

  • Discuss wild vine root stock and fruit-bearing cuttings, and how this relates to Jesus 

  • Stop at Row 124 and learn about giving up burdens to God

  • Learn about the growth cycle of the vineyard as it applies to a life of faith

  • Discuss pruning, thinning, fruit-dropping and the harvest and connect these images to how God is working in our lives


A vine in the likeness of Jesus on the Cross

(Name of Artist)

Cindy Steinbeck Teaching on a Tour


Cindy has a passion for teaching, but also for sharing in the stories of the many beautiful people whom she has met over the years. Her artful and empathic storytelling reaches directly and tenderly to the heart, and always with the intention of bringing healing, health, and shared joy. 


Life! Sap Flow from a Pruned Branch

During the winter months the vineyards appear lifeless. After careful pruning by the vinedresser, the warmer days of spring cause life to burst forth from buds as sap 'weeps' from the wounds of pruning to bring life and healing.


Ancient, lifeless, and heavy, these stones are transcribed with sorrows, then left in the vineyard to symbolize the freedom offered in the vine

Row 124 has special significance.


Representations of fears, anxieties, and pain are cast into the vineyard. Those who cast them there are finding healing in the True Vine. Guests of this tour may symbolically leave these stones at the foot of a vine, and are encouraged to leave their true hurts with Jesus as he tends to their hearts.

New life in Row 124

Leaving physical stones in the vineyard reminds us that when we cast our cares upon Jesus they are no longer our burdens to bear, but rest fully upon his capable shoulders. 


The Vinedresser Pruning

Cindy Praying in Row 124

Fruitful Branch


Books authored by Cindy Steinbeck

Cindy Steinbeck records her journeys of faith, trust, trials, and healing in these books. The concepts given on the tour are elaborated through years of study and experience, presented through photography, bible study, and personal stories that invite you to know Jesus as the Vine who Speaks from the ground to the heart.