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-Wine Club Options-

Out of California Shipment Discounts

Steinbeck Vineyards & Winery

through VinoShipper


Even if you already have an active club membership for pickup or in-California shipments, you will still need to register with VinoShipper in order to receive your discount for any out of California shipments. If you have any trouble please contact us directly by Clicking Here



VinoShipper is located in Windsor, California and has been a service provider to the wine industry since 2006. We have built a cloud based sales platform that helps small and medium sized wineries sell direct while staying compliant with all state regulatory, shipping and tax rules. We continue to follow our mission of empowering wineries to grow their direct sales and providing consumers with a greater selection of wine. To learn more about all the services we offer wineries, check out our Getting Started section.

We also utilize our platform to manage large wine programs. These Affinity Programs use our expertise in the industry to provide great wines for fundraising events. The programs have proven very successful for the sponsors, their members, and the wineries involved.